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Faraday Stylus

The Reach Handheld Stylus

The Reach Handheld Stylus

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This was originally the first product to feature the “Shallow Angle Lightest Touch,” or SALT, style tip, allowing users to hold a stylus at as low as a 45 degree angle (relative to the screen) and still make consistent contact.  This along with the 7″ long aluminum barrel means that with many devices users can rest their hand on a solid surface off the screen and still make functional contact.

This stylus is ideal for those that experience excessive fatigue holding their arm suspended over a touch screen device or find it helpful to have a stable surface to steady shaking or tremors.  It’s design also means that the weight of the stylus alone is usually enough to maintain contact with the screen, relieving the need to grip tightly and easing any potential fatigue issues.

The Reach Stylus is also an excellent art stylus and handwriting tool for anyone.  The rounded tip allows the stylus to be used like a traditional pen, pencil, or even brush.


  • Total Length: 7.25 in.
  • Stylus Diameter: 5/16 in.
  • Total Weight: 0.2 oz.
  • Replaceable Heads?: No, But can be refurbished.
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