Replacement and Refurbish

The Problem

We do our best to make a a high quality product, but the sad truth is that no stylus will last forever. No matter what materials are used for the tips, the fact that they must be repeatedly dragged across touch screens means that all stylus tips wear out. In the end entropy always wins.

The Solution, sort of …

Sadly we can’t defeat entropy, but we can do a few things to make it hit the pocket book a little less. Here at Faraday Stylus, we have 3 programs to help make sure you get the most out of your stylus

#1 Minimum Tip Life Program

Under normal use most users should experience 6 months or more of full function from their stylus tip. Those who use the stylus many hours a day will of course see a shorter life span, but we expect everyone to get a minimum of 4 weeks use from a stylus even under high use. If your stylus stops working in the first 4 weeks, just fill out a claim form and we will send you a replacement for free to make sure you get at least those 4 weeks from your purchase.

#2 Replacement Heads

Both the Caduceus and Mouth Stick styluses feature replaceable heads. These replacements are significantly less expensive than buying whole new styluses each time the tip wares out.

Please make sure when ordering replacements to select the type of head that matches the stylus type of your stylus. They are not interchangeable.

Replacement tips/heads for the Reach stylus cannot be purchased.

#3 Refurbishment

We can refurbish any Faraday stylus by replacing the tip and other pieces necessary for proper function. We don’t fix cosmetic damage, however. The cost of refurbishment is half the current cost of the stylus being refurbished plus shipping. This covers the cost of materials and the labor of making the replacement tips and installing replacement parts.

To take part in this program, just fill out the refurbishment request form and send your stylus(es) to:
Faraday Stylus
PO Box 614
Albany, OR 97321
Once we receive it and finish the refurbish we will send you an invoice through paypal.