Faraday Stylus Refurbishment Program

Unfortunately no stylus will last forever. We understand that a good stylus can be expensive, and we strive to offer affordable options for our customers. As a result of this value, we have provided this refurbishment program for all of our styluses. We want to make sure that everyone can have a good stylus, and keep it in working condionion without having to purchase a whole new stylus.

Simply fill out the form below, then ship your styluses to us so we can replace any parts that need replacement. Once your styluses are refurbished (generally 3-5 business days from receipt of the styluses) we will send you an invoice. Your styluses will not be shipped until the invoice is paid.

Things to consider: We do not refurbish cosmetic defects. Only the parts required to return the stylus to a like new functionality. Also, all shipping costs are at your own expense. By submitting the form below, you are agreeing to these terms.