Assistive Technology for Modern Devices

Faraday's Capacitive Touch Styluses offer unique adaptive solutions for anyone experiencing challenges interacting with modern touch screen technology due to mobility, grip, or fatigue issues.

An example of all the Faraday Products; Mouth Sticks, Caduceus, and The Reach

The Secret is in the Tip

Faraday Styluses use special conductive fabric for their tips that glide smoothly and silently over screens and screen protectors. Two styles provide users customization options to fit their personal needs.

Close up, two styles of tips on Caduceus Styluses

Affordable Options to Allow Everyday Use

We work hard to keep the cost of our styluses as low as possible. Both the Caduceus and Mouth Stick Stylus feature replaceable heads and all of the styluses are eligible to participate in the refurbishment program.

Replacement SALT style tips for Mouth Stick styluses
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A Different Kind of Stylus

Get The Most For Your Money

Replacement Heads

Order replacement heads for your Caduceus or Mouthstic styluses.

Stylus Refurbishment

Get any stylus refurbished with a new tip for half the price of the original.

Minimum Life Promise

Get a free replacement tip for any stylus that wears out in 4 weeks or less.