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Faraday Stylus

Replacement Bite Tubes

Replacement Bite Tubes

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You asked, we listened! We now offer replacement bite tubes for our popular mouthstick styluses. These bite tubes are a durable vinyl that slip onto the end of your Faraday Stylus mouthstick to and add comfort and help protect your teeth. 

For best results in replacement, use a pair of pliers to gently stretch one end of the tube. You may find gently warming the tube with a blow drying will help this process. Once the tube is warm (not too hot!), lightly wet the end of your mouthstick with rubbing alcohol. Place the bottom of your mouthstick in the stretched end of the bite tube. then press down firmly, bracing the other end of the bite tube against a firm, flat surface for better leverage. Press down hard and firm until the bite tube is completely seated on your stylus.

If you are not used to replacing the bite tube, we recommend buying multiple replacements. If you do not wish to replace the bite tube yourself, you may be interested in our Refurbishment Program instead.

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