SALT vs Basic tips for Faraday Styluses

SALT vs Basic tips for Faraday Styluses

The question we are asked most frequently is "Is the Basic or the SALT tip right for me?" Here at Faraday Stylus we understand that finding the right stylus can be difficult, so let's dig deeper into the differences in our two tip styles. The Basic, and the SALT.

In the simplest terms, the main difference is that the Basic tip is flat, and the SALT tip is rounded. However there is more to it that just that. Let's examine the properties and functions of each tip, which will help you, our customer, better understand which tip is right for you and your needs. Do you need a stylus purely for interacting with touch screens? Or perhaps you are looking for a multiuse stylus that is rugged to assist with other day to day interactions. Maybe you are an artist looking for the perfect stylus for your digital artwork. We have so many customers from artists to doctors to veterans who all use our styluses in a multitude of ways.

Our Basic tip is a soft yet durable flat tip. It is great for everyday applications. Some examples are playing games on your phone, pressing buttons (both digital and analog), and texting. Think of it as being very similar to using your fingertip. It might not be the most precise tool, but it is effective and will get the job done. 

Our SALT tip on the other hand is made with comfort and precision in mind, particularly for our customer who may find using a more traditional stylus cumbersome or tiring. SALT stands for Shallow Angle Lightest Touch. It is specifically designed to that it can be used at as low as a 45% angle relative to the surface it is being used on. Also, as the name would suggest, it can be used with a very light hand. This makes it an ideal tool for artists who like to create on devices such as iPads, but also fantastic for people who may have fatigue concerns, or motor issues in their arms or hands.

We know that no two people are alike which is why we offer different styles of stylus along with our different tip styles. All of our styluses are made with care and potential applications in mind. Both the Basic and the SALT are covered using an innovative silver-infused fabric for the best conductivity we can offer.

After reading if you are still not certain which tip is right for you or want to try both without having to purchase two separate styluses, then you will be thrilled to know that most of our styluses have replaceable tips that can be purchased separately. Check out our collection of replaceable heads for both the Mouthstick stylus and our bendable Caduceus stylus which are available in both Basic and SALT styles.

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