UK Customers: Due to import regulations we are unable to ship to you directly. Please visit our Etsy shop: to place your order.
UK Customers: Due to import regulations we are unable to ship to you directly. Please visit our Etsy shop: to place your order.
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Mouth Stick Stylus


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Primarily designed for people with quadriplegia, these styluses can be ordered to length in 1 inch increments and feature a vinyl bite tube for comfort and control.  The tips are replaceable, can be ordered in both styles, and are constructed in such a way that they can also be used for many of the functions hard tipped mouth sticks are used for.  We also offer email support for any of our customers who need assistance in overcoming the issues that can arise trying to use touch screen devices that were originally designed to be held in the hand.

Additionally, the stylus has also been useful for any user that needs and extra long stylus, working just as well held in the hand, or modified to be attached to braces and casts (this is best done by a licenced physical therapist or doctor).


  • Total Length:9.25 – 18.25 in.
  • Stylus Diameter: 5/16 in.
  • Total Weight: 0.1 – 0.15 oz.
  • Replaceable Heads?: Yes.


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  1. I’m placing an order for 8 tips. They fall apart extremely easy but I feel they are the best on the market. I just purchased 7 more, please make them last a little longer. Thanks

    1. Hi Kyle!

      Sorry to take so long to get back to you. We do our best to make a high quality product, but unfortunately a lot of it depends on how much use the stylus is getting. For more information about the expected life of your stylus, visit this page:

      If you are not getting the minimum life expectancy out of your stylus, please contact us so we can help. If you are getting the minimum but are looking to spend a little less, check out our refurbishment program, also discussed on the link above.

    1. Hello! Thank you for your question!

      No, our mouthsticks do not come with a mount or holder. It is only the mouthstick and replaceable head.

  2. i have ordered 2 stylus, do i need to get the mouth piece to get it to work?
    i was told my the user it doesn’t work without a mouth piece,
    pls help.

    1. Hello! Sorry for the delay! Our mouth sticks styluses come with a bite cover and do not require any other product to work properly.

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