Faraday is now able to accommodate purchase orders for larger volume orders and to accomodate the needs of organizations that cannot place orders via credit card (some restrictions apply).  Please see the info in the shop items on large volume orders for more information.

Update 09/23/2019

Apologies to those who waited such a long time for replacement tips this summer.  We was actually shut down all summer long helping with a summer camp recovering from a fire.  I had listed all the products as out of stock and THOUGHT I had set the online shop to not allow items to be ordered, but apparently missed a check box for the replacement tips.

At this point all outstanding orders should be filled and all items are available to order once again.  I will be trying to work through the backlog of emails but if you don’t hear from me, please feel free to send another email.

Time between Order and Shipment

All items are assembled, by hand, when you place your order.  Often that can happen the same day, but sometimes we need as much as 7 business days, depending on order volume, to make your order and get it into the mail (USPS) for you.  We do our best to get you your styluses as fast as we can, and thank you for your understanding.

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