UK Customers: Due to import regulations we are unable to ship to you directly. Please visit our Etsy shop: to place your order.
UK Customers: Due to import regulations we are unable to ship to you directly. Please visit our Etsy shop: to place your order.
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PO Account Request

Purchase Order Accounts are reserved for customers who annually place or are expecting to place $1,000 (USD) in orders , institutions who are legally prohibited from making purchases via credit/debit card, or educational/medical/non-profit* institutions. After submitting this form, we will contact you with your PO account number that can be used at checkout in the store.

Purchase Order and Invoice Policy

  • Purchase Orders may only be submitted by entities with approved purchase order accounts bearing an active PO Account #.
  • After a purchase order is submitted, Faraday Stylus will provide an initial quote, either generated automatically through the web store or via email.
  • Orders of 20 items or more are eligible for the 20% large volume order discount. This discount will be applied to the final invoice automatically even if not reflected in the initial quote.
  • Assembly of products will begin once the initial quote is accepted.
  • Large Volume purchase orders may require more assembly time than other orders, Faraday Stylus will contact the customer via email if this is required.
  • Customer agrees to pay all shipping costs incurred on their order, including any taxes, tariffs, or fees incurred due to shipping outside the US, even if those fees were not included in the price quote from Faraday Stylus.
  • PO Account holders can choose any shipping method for their orders, including comercial carries so long as they operate throughout the continental United States.
  • When ready to ship, an electronic invoice generated via PayPal will be sent to the address listed on the PO Account. A paper invoice will also be included with the shipped products. This invoice will include shipping costs paid by Faraday Stylus (postage and shipping insurance). Faraday Stylus will attempt to communicate unexpected shipping costs to the customer prior to printing shipping labels.
  • Orders shipping to outside the USA must be paid in full before items are shipped.
  • For Orders shipping inside the USA, payment in full is due upon receipt of the products, as determined via package tracking. Payments not received in 30 days of product arrival will be considered late.
  • Late payment will result in a fee of 10% of original purchase charged each 30 days payment is not received.
  • PO Accounts with outstanding debts will be suspended and Faraday Stylus reserves the right to cancel PO accounts for late payment.
  • Payments can be made via credit card through PayPal. Domestic orders may be paid by check/money order made out to: Faraday Stylus (there will be a $20 fee for returned checks and payment will be considered late if not rectified in the initial 30 day period).

*Faraday Stylus reserves the right to refuse the creation of a purchase order account to any institution/organization/individual that promotes hate, bigotry, intolerance, or fear.