Order Time

Every Faraday Stylus is made by hand at the time of ordering. We generally don’t keep a back stock on hand. This keeps our costs and the costs of our products to a minimum while still being able to customize orders or products at not extra charge, but it does mean that we can’t guarantee that we can fill your order as fast as other services.

We strive to have every order shipped within 7 business days from order. Generally, most orders are filled much faster, between 1 and 3 days from order. If it looks like we will be longer than 7 days, we will try to contact you and give updated estimates and if that estimate isnt acceptable offer a refund.

When your order is ready to ship you should receive two emails, one from the woocommerce webstore another from stamps.com with a tracking number for your shipment. If you have any questions throughout the process, please contact us.