Large Volume Orders

For large orders of 20 or more items Faraday Stylus offers a 20% discount if the buyer agrees to a few extra conditions. 

First, This can be a mix of any items, but must all be sent in one order delivered to the same address and paid from the same source. 

Second, These orders may take a little bit longer to ship than standard orders.  When you submit a request, we will send you an email with an estimated shipping date.  If you accept, we will send you an invoice through paypal include the cost of shipping when your order is ready.  Orders must be paid in full before items will be shipped and payments will be processed through paypal.

Third, orders must be placed on this website through the online shop. Simply select your items in the store like normal.  At check out, select your preferred shipping and, under payment type, the Purchase Order (PO) option and enter the PO Account Number. LV2019  The prices you see will not reflect the 20% discount, that will be added to your final invoice. Discount does not apply to shipping costs.

The focus of this program is to supply our individual end user customers or small group organization who utilize a large number of products with a discount.  If you are interested in making large orders with the intent of resale, or are an institution that cannot do business via credit or debit card, please consider contacting us for a Purchase Order account