Who is Faraday Stylus?

Faraday Stylus is a small, family run company, operating out of Oregon, that is thrilled to be shipping our styluses all over the world every day.

We are dedicated to brining our customers quality products that allow them to interact with modern technology with comfort and ease. We recognize that for many, the touch screen interface, which continues to become even more omnipresent in our societies, represents a unique barrier to access due to a wide range of mobility, motor control, and fatigue concerns.

We refuse to think of anyone as disabled at Faraday. Instead we prefer to treat the technology; tablets, iPads, smart phones, self use kiosks, and all the other devices now built with touch screens as the only native interface as only partially finished in its design. It’s our job to complete the design by providing the means for anyone to interface with these devices with minimal outside assistance and maximum independence.